Corrugated Zincalum Steel

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The PWT tank shell is constructed using Zincalume steel corrugated panels bolted together to form a robust cylindrical structure.

The PWT dome roof is self supporting on the tank shell without the requirement of any ground columns. The roof consists of a series of hot-dipped galvanized trusses that will be further protected with epoxy paint for raw water or aggressive liquid applications.

Overlapped Zincalume steel sheets are deployed over the roof trusses and a special seal is introduced around the roof circumference to prevent influx of airborne pollutants into the stored water. A roof-mounted dynamic ventilator fitted with insect mesh ensures that the tank breathes and prevents vapour build up.


PWT tank walls and roof sheets are made using Zincalume coated steel (Zinc / Aluminium alloy).

Zincalume is factory-applied using a thermosetting process to ensure proper adhesion of the protective layers. Zincalume steel combines superior corrosion resistance of Aluminium with protective qualities of Zinc thus providing remarkable anti-corrosion properties, four times more than that of hot-dipped galvanized coatings.

Zincalume readily accepts additional coatings in a wide range of colours for landscaping and aesthetic requirements.


The PWT tank shell is built in ring layers with varying diameters up to 21 meters and heights up to 9.4 meters giving our clients a wide selection of capacities from 30m to 3,300m.


PWT tanks are designed for fast assembly and dismantling. It takes less than six days to install a 500m capacity tank without the need for heavy lifting equipment.


    Advantages offered by PWT tanks over conventional tanks are numerous and significant

  • Lower capital investment. • Investment Protection - PWT tanks can be relocated when required.
  • Minimal foundation requirements offering cost savings.
  • Design flexibility – variable diameter and height combinations up to 3,300m .
  • Knock-down modular design ideal for remote areas.
  • Lower transportation costs – Multiple PWT tanks can be packed into a sea container.
  • Faster installation time at lower cost.
  • Negligible maintenance costs - leakage, corrosion, cracking are all eliminated.
  • Water-tight liner, corrosion-free water storage.
  • 10 Year warranty, 25 Year design life.


PWT tanks are ideally suited for storage of potable water, effluent, treated waste water as well as brackish water and sea water.

PWT tanks are often used for Military or Labor Camps, Mining, Fire Protection, Waste Water and Sewage Treatment Plants, Irrigation, Desalination Plants, Demineralized Water for Power Plants, Fish and Shrimp Aquaculture.

Specifications for PWT Tank SeriesGross


Cylindrical-shaped, Modular-built, Bolted Steel Water storage tanks with internal Liner covered by a Dome Roof.

Wall Structure

Zincalume G300 steel panels (Zinc / Aluminium Alloy) with special corrugated profile. Panels are overlapped in both horizontal and vertical directions for increased rigidity, and connected using high tensile bolts with protective caps. Wall panels are multi-laminated to increase resistance to hydrostatic pressure in taller tanks.


Tank panels and roof sheets are made of Zincalume steel, Grade AZ150. This is a hard-wearing, thermo-set coating of 150 gr/m deposit.

Bolting Specification

Hot-Dipped Galvanized, high tensile steel bolts, Grade 8.8, diameter M12 for the tank body and M16 for nozzles.


Zincalume G550 corrugated steel, 0.50mm thick with a compressed foam perimeter seal.

Roof TrussesTank

Hot-Dipped Galvanized steel tube sections to European standard BS-EN-ISO-1461. The roof trusses shall be self-supporting with no ground columns and bolted to the tank wall.

Tank Liner

FoundationA high-tear resistant, one-piece heavy duty, Reinforced PVC-Polyester liner shall be installed inside the tank to contain the stored liquid. The liner shall have an internal woven scrim for reinforcement, with a minimum tensile strength of 3000N per 5cm in the Warp direction and shall have a minimum coated-weight of 650gr/m. The Liner shall be suitable for liquid storage with a pH range of 5-10. Liner is to be rated for the storage of potable water with a relevant test certificate to the Australian Standard AS4020:1999.


TrussesTank nozzles and fittings shall be of Hot-Dipped Galvanized (HDG) steel with an outer flange connection to external piping systems. Tanks shall be supplied with an overflow, downpipe and a scour drain.


  • External Ladder with safety cage for tanks above 4.0m off the ground (HDG)
  • Lockable Roof Access Hatch with Platform and Handrail (HDG)
  • Full-Length Level Indicator with HDG Column
  • Roof Ventilator – Dynamic Type (Whirlybird or similar)


Tanks shall be designed for installation onto a reinforced concrete ring beam foundation encasing a clean compacted sand base.


AccessoriesTanks to be covered by a 10-Year conditional Warranty